blaux portable ac reviews consumer reports

blaux portable ac reviews consumer reports: the nights when you just fall awake and can’t fall asleep because it’s just too hot in the room. You take a blanket away, replace it with a thinner one and it doesn’t help. You throw yourself from one side to the other, it just doesn’t cool down. When guy opens the window, mosquitoes come in and also disturb the night’s sleep. How can we remedy this? Many people come up with the idea of installing air conditioning in this situation, but it comes at a high cost and causes electricity costs if you don’t even think about it. In addition, you cannot sleep with the noise that it also causes. An alternative needs to be made. The Blaux Portable AC is an air cooler that can be installed in any room that runs quietly and also promotes cool air. We’d like to explain how guy can benefit from this humidifier.

What is Blaux Portable AC?

The Blaux Portable AC is an air cooler that guy can set up freely in the house, even in several rooms. It ensures a pleasant ambient temperature and uses simple ice cubes that guy can take out of the freezer. The operation is completely safe, because the air cooler is alone, without cable connection to the socket. It includes a battery that can be recharged over and over again. Gradually, the room is immersed in a pleasant temperature and it can be slept comfortably. The manufacturer promises the following features of the Blaux Portable AC:

Compact good-looking design

Long battery life

Easy to use

For easy cleaning, the cover can be removed

Will not be louder than 40 decibels

Three speed levels freely adjustable

With the three different modes, it is completely uncomplicated to adjust the air cooler to your own needs. However, the Blaux Portable AC does not become louder than forty decibels and thus not only ensures a pleasant sleeping temperature, but also that one can sleep without disturbance.

What are the Blaux Portable AC quality features?

In order to find out about the quality of the Blaux Portable AC, we have carried out a small test, which we passed with the air cooler. During the inspection, it was found that the processing of the humidifier makes a good impression. So it looks like guy can use the air cooler in general. After the order, which was extremely simple, we were able to hold the Blaux Portable AC in our hands a few days later. We then tried the device in detail. It is first charged and then simply placed in the room. We filled the top shell with ice cubes and then switched on the Blaux Portable AC. It took a while for the device to start to cool down, but then the success was relatively remarkable. We can well imagine that the Blaux Portable AC creates a pleasant air at night and it is also possible to sleep without any problems. Because the operating volume is really hard to notice. The air cooler took a while to warm a room, but it was quite pleasant to stay in it afterwards. We are happy to recommend the air cooler. The battery is then simply recharged once it has run empty.

Blaux Portable AC Review and Recommendation

All in all, the Blaux Portable AC is a good humidifier, which we would like to recommend at this point. Especially in summer it is often far too hot in the apartment, so a pleasant temperature would be desirable. However, the necessary air conditioning often generates even higher costs than guy can afford in principle. Often the evil awakening takes place, which often leaves you helpless. But before guy stays seated in the heat, the humidifier presented here is a good alternative that guy can recommend unreservedly. By the way, the Blaux Portable AC is also available in another variant, which guy can wear space-savingly simply around the neck. However, we present this in another article. The Blaux Portable AC can be used in any room, which is why it becomes an indispensable gadget that you don’t want to miss anymore.

General information on air coolers

Especially when it comes to air conditioning, the spirits diverge. Some are in favour, others are strongly opposed. Depending on this, the factors are usually the costs and effort with which the system has to be installed. The problem: If guy decides to install such a device, it will not only cost a decent purchase price. There are considerable costs for integration in the apartment. After that, however, guy in many cases soberly realizes that the volume for the night is actually far too high and guy still can’t sleep. An air cooler also incurs running costs. If it is not operated regularly, it develops a susceptibility to damage. Accordingly, it always makes sense to consider whether guy needs air conditioning at all. An air cooler like the Blaux Portable AC, on the other hand, is easy to set up, does not incur any running costs and also has the advantage of being very quiet. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use it in the home four walls.

General Blaux Portable AC

We wanted to get a good picture of the humidifier by looking for other opinions on the Internet. Here we got a great insight into the experiences of the users who could already deal with the Blaux Portable AC. The air cooler has become an important element for them, as it not only simply brought the desired temperature into the room, but also without consuming too much electricity or being too noisy. Even at night, most consumers found the Blaux Portable AC very pleasant. He didn’t usually run through the night with them, but he was able to create a comfortable sleeping temperature for the hours he worked. The air cooler also works very well during the day. That’s why most people didn’t want to give it away and would like to recommend him. This link can be used to find even more customer opinions!

Why do I need this air cooler?

The Blaux Portable AC is basically aimed at anyone who wants to enjoy a pleasant temperature in their own home, both at night and during the day. Especially in summer, this becomes a problem, especially within attic apartments, where it is simply stuffy. Even if air conditioning is available, it is usually not used because it is too noisy or costs too much. In these cases, the Blaux Portable AC provides a remedy. The small compact device appeals to young and old alike, as is the gender absolutely irrelevant. Everyone can benefit from the capabilities of the device. The Blaux Portable AC is also perfect for people who are looking for an alternative for air conditioning and have tried other products of this kind, but were not satisfied with it. As you can see, the target group for the Blaux Portable AC is very large and wide-ranging, so that it cannot be clearly defined.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Blaux Portable AC?

Each product has its own pros and cons, which you should be aware of before you even buy the device. We would like to give you the opportunity to inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of the Blaux Portable AC. Accordingly, this list can influence a purchase decision if you are not quite sure yet whether the air cooler is right for you.


Easy to use

Powerful system

Operating with normal ice cubes

Great for home, on holiday and in the office

Long battery power

Safe operation


None known

With this list you can clearly see that the Blaux Portable AC has only advantages for you and you therefore do not have to be afraid of the disadvantages. The air cooler brings all the necessary features you need to cool a room professionally and with completely simple means. All you need is a few ice cubes. In addition, the Blaux Portable AC can be operated completely harmlessly, because it runs without cables and only in battery mode. You don’t have to worry about any damage.

Well-known FAQ about this product

Now let’s get to the final questions about the Blaux Portable AC to get you full information. These are typical questions that guy could ask about ordering, or around the air cooler.

Is it a typical humidifier for allergy sufferers? No! The Blaux Portable AC is primarily a cooler designed to replace the air conditioning system. It is only a humidifier in this sense because it uses ice cubes as a medium for cooling.

How long does the delivery time take? – Depending on where you order the Blaux Portable AC from, the order can take up to three weeks. In some cases, however, it can also be faster.

Does the Blaux Portable AC move during operation? – The Blaux Portable AC has the option to move the upper part. It thus performs a 180-degree rotation that can evenly distribute the cool air.

What energy does the Blaux Portable AC battery use? – The manufacturer specifies a value of 2000 mAh for the battery and notes that the battery is therefore longer-lasting and is guaranteed to operate for several hours.

Is it even possible to sleep at the volume? – The humidifier produces a much lower volume than any other air conditioner. Therefore, it is much easier to sleep.

Does the operation pose health risks? Definitely not. The humidifier is only operated with the battery and is not even connected to the socket. In addition, it does not get too cold in the room, so that there is a pleasant air exchange, which is not dangerous to health, or that guy has to worry about.

Where can I buy Blaux Portable AC?

If you want to buy the Blaux Portable AC, it is best to do this directly through the manufacturer who offers its goods on line on its own website. Alternatively, you can use his Amazon page, where he sells the air cooler. The humidifier is also available there at different conditions and offer prices, which we will discuss in detail later. The Blaux Portable AC is simply requested via the website in line with order form. For this, only the input of a few data is necessary and that one then fills the order button. You choose how guy would like to pay for the air cooler and take no risk. The options available for this are Paypal and credit card. Afterwards you get the Blaux Portable AC with the post office, to the front door and can try it out immediately.

Let’s move on to the offers available to every customer. One thing in advance: they are time-limited, so it makes sense to access them as soon as you have the opportunity to do so. Within the scope of these offer formats there are usually several models of the Blaux Portable AC. The purpose of these offers is that you can temper your entire budget and at the same time save money. If you bought the devices individually, it would be much more expensive overall. It’s worth taking advantage of the Blaux Portable AC offers.

Blaux Portable AC Technical Facts

As far as the technical characteristics of the Blaux Portable AC are concerned, we cannot give any precise information, as the manufacturer is very covered for this. However, we can list the following items:

Charging is done according to USB plug

Power Mode: DC5V

6 Watt

Noise level remains at forty decibels

Unfortunately, there is no more information that we can provide at this point. The air cooler works as quietly as possible and has enough resources to supply it with energy. Thus, it is supplied for several hours of time.

Who is the supplier of the product?

Strong Current Enterprises Limited

G/F Kowloon East Building 68308

12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong

Hong Kong

E-mail address: [email protected] Com


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