Blade 720 Reviews

What is Blade 720?

The product Blade 720 is a drone, developed by the manufacturer specifically for selfie shots from a bird’s perspective. At the touch of a button, the Selfie drone takes off and reaches a speed of 12 meters per second on takeoff, according to the manufacturer. You can fly and control the drone with your smartphone in combination with the manufacturer’s app or remote control. This is included in delivery and requires only three AA batteries with 1.5 volts each for first use.

On your mobile phone, you have the option to view the photos live and decide for yourself whether the best photos have already been taken or whether the drone is taking a new position. In panorama mode, you get photos of the entire area and you can capture both the landscape and larger groups of people, for example at parties or parties. The manufacturer promises that even for landing the drones no more than one button is needed, which reduces the risk of damage during the descent for beginners.

Why do I need this selfish drone?

The selfie drone Blade 720 takes both photos and video recordings and is therefore not only suitable for private purposes. The target group therefore includes real estate agents, wedding photographers or entrepreneurs who need pictures of the business premises for their own website. What the manufacturer says is not necessary, however, is previous experience of flying a camera drone. The operation should be as self-evident and even for the otherwise critical take-offs and landings there is no more need than a push of a button.

One of the features you can test before flying the drone are the drone’s collapsible wings. This has the advantage that the Selfie Drone takes up very little space and fits comfortably in your pocket. An additional transport bag is therefore not necessary for this product. The manufacturer also promises that wings that break down do not cause a malfunction of the camera’s drone, but you can easily replace them with the right spare parts.

Blade 720 Evaluation and Recommendation

The first technical detail that catches the eye of the Blade 720 drone are its options for its operation. Use the included controller or download the manufacturer’s app to your smartphone or tablet. This is free and according to the manufacturer’s specifications, it should be as easy to use as the remote control. The technology used is compatible with all devices that use Android or iOS. The remote also has a holder for your mobile phone. This will be a monitor on which you can instantly check what the recordings look like. A WiFi connection is required for real-time broadcast.

If you want to fly the drone, you need to take into account the maximum range of two kilometers. After that, the controller’s connection can be disconnected and the drone begins to descend. To this range, the manufacturer promises you photos and videos of the Selfie drone thanks to the 120° wide-angle lens and the 720 P HD camera, which even at a great distance still show all the details in the best possible light. For easy operation, the Selfie drone features features such as the altitude control and the anti-collision system. Flying the drone and keeping it at altitude is therefore very unproblematic. At the same time, the camera has drone sensors that avoid obstacles and actively help to protect the drone from damage.

For major shootings, it is advisable to practice the settings and flying of the drone. After takeoff, the battery has about 10 – 15 minutes of energy. This period is relatively short to capture multiple motives or to repeatedly portray other people. The experience helps you to take many photos in this short time, which at the second sight still meet your expectations. It takes an average of 60 minutes to charge the LiPo battery, so the optimal light may not be available at this point.

Sheet 720 technical facts

Operated with mobile phone or remote control

120° wide-angle lens

720P HD camera

Take off and land at the touch of a button

10-minute LiPo batteries (60 minutes of charging time)

Real-time transmission of images via WiFi

Blade 720 test and quality features

Since the manufacturer does not disclose the location of production, it is not easy to identify classical quality characteristics such as production within the European Union. On the positive side, however, the camera drone generally makes a deliberate impression. The focus is clearly on the drone’s 720P camera. If you want to fly with the drones, the risk of damage is quite small, which also speaks for the technique and the finish.

Blade 720 opinions and experiences

The Selfie drone moves between a photo-taking gadget and a toy. How fluid this boundary is can already be seen from the simple operation. There is no need for inside information. However, the manufacturer is guilty of naming the weather before take-off in advertising the Blade 720 drone. Due to the extremely light weight of the drone, flying in wind or heavy rain is not a good idea.

The buyers who have used the drone so far are generally satisfied. However, the time pressure to have found the perfect position in the air within ten minutes to capture the subject remains and requires some exercise with the operation. On holiday trips, some users also warn to pre-examine the drone flying regulations to prevent the selfie drone from being seized by police. Further customer experiences can be found via this link! *

Where can I buy Blade 720?

If you want to fly this drone yourself, you currently have the simplest buying option on the manufacturer’s website. This guarantees that you will get the original Selfie drone and not plagiarism. At the moment there is a discount promotion on the website where you can save up to 50% on your purchase. In addition, shipping costs are waived, making it worth while to quickly decide whether to let this drone fly one of your new hobbies in the future.

Who is the supplier of the product?

This manufacturer of the Blade 720 drone does not release more than one email address to identify itself. This makes it almost impossible for the buyer to know before the purchase whether the shipment comes from Germany or abroad. However, since the terms of use indicate a maximum period of 30 days until delivery, you may expect a product from abroad. This means that you may have to pay additional taxes and customs duties and collect the shipment from the customs office. If you refuse to accept or pay the customs duties, the delivery will be returned to the sender.

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