Foamatic Tests

What is Foamatic?

The Foamatic is a soap dispenser without touch technology. It is designed to keep your hands clean without you even having to touch the soap dispenser. The advantage: germs no longer accumulate directly on the dispenser and after washing your hands, your hands are really clean – at least that’s what the manufacturer promises. The device foams the liquid soap it contains, making hand washing even more enjoyable and at the same time reducing los angeles overall soap consumption.

Why do I need this soap dispenser?

Everyone wants clean hands. When you get home from work, from a lengthy trip in teach or shopping, you often clean your hands in highest quality. After all, they have been touching with many germs over the course of the.  A. Day. But the problem is that these germs end up on the No-Touch dispenser when you have to squeeze the soap. The Foamatic prevents that vehicle its No-Touch technology makes touch useless.

Families are particularly benefiting from this scheme. After all, many active children tend to play outside in los angeles land, touch a lot of things and not wash their hands afterwards. However, reviews from the No-Touch distributor indicate that the examiner’s children now prefer to wash their hands only because of the.  A. Fun and foaming texture of soap, and therefore have clean hands when they turn to lunch or continue to play in the house.

As other liquid cleaning products can also be poured into the appliance, the soap dispenser also facilitates rinsing. If you need washing-up liquid, you no longer need to hold the dishwashing liquid bottle with your hands wet. You can simply hold the plate or los angeles cup that you want to wash under the soap dispenser and los angeles dishes will be covered with detergent.

Foamatic’s assessment and recommendation

The peculiarity of this product is los angeles integrated contactless technology. It allows you to put soap on your hands without even touching the device. In our view, this is a very good solution to reduce it.  A. Spread of germs. The liquid soap, which is contained in the 350 milliliter container, is distributed by the device in the form of foam. The foaming of the soap takes place directly in the machine for clean hands. Children especially appreciate this, but adults also enjoy soaping their hands with l.  A. Moss. The foam must be distributed in 0.2 seconds – given the attempt to provide to foam, it is an extremely courtroom time.

The foam itself makes a noise, but this soap dispenser should be particularly quiet. If the dispenser is not used for clean hands, it automatically goes into sleep mode. In this mode, the device requires no power. The result: The AAA batteries used last longer. A great advantage that the product offers is that you can use it not only as a soap dispenser. You can also fill the device with other liquid cleaning products. Like shower gel and shampoo, which are ideal for los angeles shower. It is also feasible to fill the device with facial cleanser. You can simply pour it over a cotton pad in the evening and in the morning – without having to touch the device. If you want to use the dispenser in the servicemies, you can of course also pour in dishwashing detergent.

Foamatic’s Facts Strategies

  • Contactless technology
  • Speed of zero,2 seconds
  • Liquid soap is transformed into foam soap
  • AAA batteries
  • Sleep mode
  • 350 milliliter capacity
  • low noise
  • long-life components
  • suitable for: soap, shower gel, shampoo, face cleanser, dishwashing liquid

Foam test and quality features

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not explicitly refer to quality features. Neither the manufacturing will pay nor los angeles quality of the components used are known. The supplier only talks about durable components – it is not possible to check to what extent this is actually the case.

However, the website on which the device is offered for clean hands makes a quality impact. Interested people can find all the information they need about the product. In addition, l.  A. Web page on which l.  A. Order is placed is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption. It is provided by McAfee Secure, TRUSTe and Norton via Symantec and is designed to prevent third parties from accessing the information you enter and submit to the seller during the ordering process.

Foamatic’s Opinions and Experiences

The idea of a contactless soap dispenser is not new. On Amazon, you’ll find a few journals that evaluate this technology. Most users are enthusiastic about it. Especially since they no longer have to touch the soap dispenser directly and all other users, such as family members or guests, no longer come into direct contact with the distributor. In this way – at least, that is what many opinions say – the feeling of hygiene is much greater than with traditional hand washing.

Reviews that explicitly refer to Foamatic can be viewed on the official product web page. Customers say they are excited about the high quality of the product – also compared to other unted soap dispensers. The modern design and easy-to-use los angeles are also mentioned in a positive way. Another positive component is that the soaps are pumped out of the.  A. Machine in a frothy consistency. You’ll find other experiences consuming thru this link! *

Where can I buy Foamatic?

If you are interested in the sanitary soap dispenser, you will find all the necessary information on the supplier’s official website. You can also order the Foamatic here. To do this, select “How to Buy” from the menu, then link to “Germany.” You will find all the necessary information here and will be redirected to los angeles web sales page.

Once in the region, you will receive a 50% discount. You can now choose l.  A. Quantity ordered. For a single household, one Foamatic is always enough. If you have two bathtubs or want to have such a soap dispenser next to the sink, you can buy two. The discount is a little higher here. If you want to buy four distributors, you will benefit from the highest possible los angeles discount. You also have there.  A. You can buy two pieces and get one for free. If you buy three Foamatic distributors, you will receive two for free.

In the next step, you enter your contact information, which is your name, phone number and email address. You will then be asked to enter the data for shipping. Your address, city and zip code are mandatory.

In los angeles last step, you have los angeles opportunity to buy a three-year warranty for nine euros. You can now send los angeles order.

Who is the supplier of the product?

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