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What is GermCide X?

The GermCide X is a particular device for the disinfection of surfaces and objects. It is a UV cleaner that uses UV light to ensure that germs, infection and microscopic organisms are eliminated. That this technology works has been known for a long time. Ultraviolet light can contribute to sterilization and should therefore ensure a city hall leader cleaning at home, in the workplace and in the children’s room. Even water and air should be able to be disinfected with the UV cleaner.

Why do I need this ultraviolet disinfection light?

People come into contact with countless germs and microscopic organisms every day. On the bus, on the way to work, typing on the office keyboard, going to the bathroom or shopping, to name just a few situations. Not always, when you touch something, you magest your hands immediately afterward, that wouldn’t be possible at all. In this way germs are transmitted further and further away to other objects. So it’s no wonder that smartphone screens in specific are considered germinators. On the surface, the mobile phone screen even seems clean, because after all, microscopically small child germs.

The problem: not all child germs harmless to humans. The fact that infections and microscopic organisms can also be transmitted when touching objects is something most people are probably aware of, no later than after the crown pandemic – and it’s important to protect themselves against this.

Therefore, the GermCide X is suitable for anyone who wants to reduce the burden of germs on objects regularly and thus protect themselves from possible diseases caused by infection or microscopic organisms.

Another solution would, of course, always disinfect your hands with a disinfectant after touching a supposedly germinated object. In the long run, without ban, this is almost impossible. In addition, disinfection with gels and splashes ensures that your hands dry more and more in the long run – doctors and nurses can tell you one or two things about this. So it is much more pleasant and easy to regularly disinfect all objects that come into contact with germs in any way with UV light.

Assessment and recommendation of GermCide X

Classic disinfectants such as gels or aerosols have in some cases 99.9 percent protection against infection, microscopic organisms and germs. Of course, the UV cleaner should also guarantee this, and it does. The provider promises that nearly 100 percent of all germs, infection and microscopic organisms on surfaces and objects that are disinfected with eliminated UV child light. This is realistic. In addition, the disinfection is completed in ten seconds. This is also no surprise to anyone who knows UV disinfection.

Without ban, unlike many comparable devices, the GermCide X can be charged with a USB link – at least this is what the manufacturer promises. This makes sense, as you don’t have to change the batteries all the time. On the other hand, especially when you’re on the road and want to use the device, it’s hard to find a power outlet for charging. Changing the battery could help you get out of this situation faster, and luckily it’s possible. The manufacturer has thought along with you and allows you to use the device even with standard AAA batteries. After all, the compact design of the device makes it possible for you to always have with you the innovative disinfection device.

The supplier also promises that the UV cleaner is suitable for all surfaces. And this is exactly what makes it as particular as a conventional disinfectant. You can even use the device to disinfect your child’s teddy bear, cell phone and pillow, which is hard to do with conventional disinfectants. The built-in Eye Protector also prevents UV light from shining directly into the eyes. A sensor is supposed to detect when you turn the device towards your face and immediately turn off the UV light – we can’t promise if this will actually work. Without ban, a comparable technology is already used in other similar products. In this sense, the functionality of visual defender is quite expected.

GermCide X technical data

  • destroys 99.9 per cent of infections, microscopic organisms and germs
  • in less than ten seconds
  • rechargeable with USB link
  • AAA batteries
  • compact design
  • suitable for travel
  • suitable for all surfaces
  • Integrated eye defender

The GermCide X test and quality features

Within the framework of its website, the provider relies on various measures to ensure the safety of its customers. For example, a purchase is only possible by credit card or PayPal – it is not necessary to provide reasonable account information. In addition, your individual information and address are transmitted using McAfee, TRUSTe, and Norton 256-bit Secure SSL encryption. This prevents third parties not related to your purchase from accessing your information.

Since the UV cleaner is a product that is officially sold on the German market, it is supposed to be CE certified. Comparable devices also have one, and in Europe this is also an obligation. Without ban, the supplier does not refer to this certification.

GermCide X’s opinions and experiences

Some product reviews have already been published on the seller’s website. Customers often reward all stars and enthusiastically report how the UV cleaner gives them a better and more hygienic feeling. A customer, which is not mentioned by name, reports that he is satisfied with the practical design, as the UV cleaner with UV light fits perfectly in his pocket. He likes to use the product especially during the fuss season. Another customer reports that it disinfects almost everything with UV light, her bag, her cell phone and her clothing, and now she feels much safer from germs, infections and microbes. You can find more customer experiences through this link! *

Where can I buy GermCide X?

Do you want to fight germs, microbes and infections? On the official Website of GermCide X you can order the UV cleaner. Here’s a 50 percent discount if you buy a UV cleaner. If you choose to buy two GermCide X s, the discount increases – the same applies to the purchase of four units. You also have the possibility to buy special packages:

  • Buy two, get one complimentary
  • Buy three, get two complimentary

Once you have decided the order quantity, you will need to provide your contact details. Your first and last name, email address and phone number are requested here. The provider then needs the delivery address with your street and home number, your place of residence and zip code.

Now you can pay. You can choose between PayPal, Visa and Mastercard. Now you can also add a three-year warranty for nine euros.

Who is the supplier of the product?

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