Home Remedies for Skin Itching in Summer

Home Remedies for Skin Itching in Summer

Many diseases associated with skin in the summer season begin to develop. Due to sweat and dirt, most people are worried about itching. If this itching is not treated at the right time, then it takes the form of vomiting, but now you can know Home remedies for skin itching in summer through our website.

Causes of itching

There are several reasons for itching in the body such as allergy to any food or medicine, skin rudeness, not properly bathing, wearing dirty clothes, mosquito or other insect bites, no skin diseases or worms in the stomach etc. It may be a problem of itching. According to the research, the body is also itchy due to the disorder in the immune system. But itching does not make any sense in any work, the person becomes irritable. Therefore it is very important to take measures to overcome this. So let’s remove the itching by some Home remedies for skin itching in summer.

Dry skin :- People with dry skin have more complaints about itching. They also have problems due to lack of temperature. Sweating all the time with high heat in the heat. After returning home from the outside, the body is soaked with sweat, but the sweat becomes dry after some time from the cool air of AC, fan and cooler. Soreness on the body is itching due to drying.

There are also many reasons

  • If there is no cleaned after urine, it is itching of bacterial infection.
  • Some females fall into the hair of the head and it is still itchy.
  • Diabetic patients are itchy around the genitals.

If you are also suffering from this problem then you can use home remedies in this way. Let us now tell you about some home remedies that you can easily get rid of itching –

  • Lemon :- Due to the rich and bleaching nature of Vitamin C, lemon is one of the best ways to itchy skin. The volatile oil present in lemon has the ability to numb the stimulation, which helps in eradicating irritation and inflammation. For this, by cutting lemons and mixing the juice in itchy place, it is possible to get rid of any kind of itching.
  • Basil :- Due to the richness of Basil and Kapoor, the leaves of Basil have the ability to reduce skin irritation. When itching, rub some of Basil leaves and rub them on the affected area. Or make tea of basil leaves and place them in itchy place.
  • Ice :- To get rid of itching, you place a piece of ice on the affected area. Keep in mind that uses it on your body without using it directly on your skin.
  • Salt, Fenugreek and Turmeric :- Make a paste by mixing salt, fenugreek and turmeric. Put this paste in your body before bathing. Allow it to remain on the affected area for at least 15 minutes; it will give you relief from the itching.
  • Apple vinegar :- Many people use vinegar to remove dandruff in the head, in the same way it also works well for itchy skin. It contains antiseptic and anti fungal properties, making it anti-itching agent. Applying apple vinegar with the help of cotton wool is useful in the place of itching. 
  • Chandan :- Chandan and pepper are also very easy and effective way to relieve itching. For this, grind sandalwood and black pepper and make a fine paste. Apply this paste to itchy place.
  • Cinnamon :- Cinnamon leaves are considered useful for the treatment of every skin of the skin. Applying juice or paste on the affected area gives a great advantage to remove itching from ring worms.

There are several reasons for the complaint of itching in the skin. If itching is continuously, it can also lead to liver and kidney disease, do not care negatively and contact the doctor immediately.

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