How to Cure Cold and Cough in One Day for Babies

How to Cure Cold and Cough in One Day for Babies

It is common for children to be cold and cold and most parents know this. Therefore, they do their best to keep their young children away from the effects of cold. But, sometimes even the cold winds bother the children. In such a situation, it is imperative for the parents to be disturbed.

It is natural to be worried about the health of young children. If your child is less than three months old, then it should be taken to the doctor immediately after the symptoms of cold, but if his age is more than three months, then you can treat him in the initial symptoms only at home. . For this, a few home remedies can also be tried so let’s know How to cure cold and cough in one day for babies.

Home Treatments for cold and cough

  1. Take 10 cups of celery and garlic in a cup of mustard oil and cook it, if it is cold, massage the baby. Mustard oil, garlic and celery contain antibacterial and anti-viral properties. It helps in providing a lot of comfort to your baby.
  1. Break the soft green leaves of Sahajan. Heat 1/2 cup coconut oil in thick penny embroidery and put a few handfuls of leaves in it. After the leaves dry, you can remove the embroidery from the flame. Use cold oil, cough and cough as your child’s hair oil.
  1. Dress the child according to the weather. To keep it warm, wear one of the clothes above. Children’s body is not able to control its temperature compared to adults. That is why children need to wear a layer extra cloth compared to adults. This will save the children from the cold. But if there is a little heat, then the child can easily reduce the color of a piece of clothing – as shown in the below picture.
  1. Soup is very comfortable food during winter cough. You can give a hot soup of vegetables. If your child is a bit bigger then you can give him a chicken soup. These soups increase the child’s immune system.
  1. Grind one lump of ginger in half a bowl of ghee and add 25 grams of jaggery to it. Feed the baby a little while cooling. This is the perfect medicine for cough.
  1. Give the child a mixture of jaggery, cumin and black pepper in hot water. This mixture is effective when it is cold, cough and sore throat.
  2. Grind cumin and sugar candy in a fine powder. Whenever your child coughs, give it a mixture.
  3. Take a small bud of garlic, grind it, and mix a little honey and make a paste. Give it once or twice a day.
  4. Prepare a mixture of lemon juice, cinnamon powder and honey. It is very good to fight against colds and cough viruses.

Wash the bowl and boil, remove its seed and throw it. Grind the oven, put some domestic ghee in the pan and cook it like a halwa. Put jaggery in the same quantity in it. Put a little dry fruit and prepare it and give it to your baby one-by-one spoon daily.

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