How to Get Rid Pimples Marks from Face in One Day at Home

How to Get Rid Pimples Marks from Face in One Day at Home

If the face is so beautiful, if there is a slight silence on it, then it turns the beauty of the whole face wires. Then whatever you try to conceal by putting a makeup, it becomes useless. This requires that you pay close attention to the cleanliness of your food and skin. Generally most nail-acne is more in teenage and puberty. If at one time even a pimple or acne starts coming, then it seems difficult to remove them.

If you are also troubled by stains or spots, then this article can help you a lot in getting rid of them. You can easily eliminate the nail-acne from your face by adopting the tips mentioned in this article, so let’s know how to get rid pimples marks from face in one day at home –

Causes of acne and pimple 

  • Harmonic disturbance or harmony in the harmony
  • Do not clean your skin.
  • Do not get stomach upset or abdomen properly.
  • Use cream oil or lubricated substance on the face.
  • Too much oil (Oily) of the face skin
  • The routine is not right.
  • Eating – The wrong habit of drinking
  • Excessive amount of fatty food
  • There is also hereditary problem in the face of many people.
  • Staying in front of the sun rays

Measures to remove acne in some days –

  1. In order to get rid of acne, do not blame it or else it will release its serum and spread the face over the whole face. Mouths do not rubbish with towels; By doing so, foams can spread on your entire face. It would be better to allow it to end itself.
  2. Leave the rose water on your face and it will open your skin pores and the face will be refreshed. Mixing it with sandalwood powder can also be applied to pimples.
  3. Lavender oil should be applied consistently on face so that the pimple disappears in the night. This is a very effective solution to remove the pumpkin.
  4. Mix cinnamon and honey together and lighten your hands with light hands. Combine it together and prepare the paste and apply it on the face.
  5. Wash Chandan powders after mixing clay and rose water for 10-15 minutes on face. It will make the pimple disappear from your face overnight or within 2-3 days only.

Toothpaste, we use to clean the tooth, but by using it you can clean the pimples of your face. If you allow it to stay on the face of your face before sleeping in the night, then it will cool down those whites.

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