How to Increase Concentration and Memory Power in Studies

How to Increase Concentration and Memory Power in Studies

In today’s post we will talk about the mental health related to your mental health and the brain, which will not run your mind. Most of us think that our memory is stable and irreversible. but it’s not like that. With the help of some techniques, your memory and your ability to work in the brain can be greatly enhanced, so let’s know how to increase concentration and memory power in studies –

There are two main options to enhance memory power either by diet or by exercise –

By food: –

It is necessary to increase the memory power with a balanced diet rich in the proper diet and nutrients. The brain needs nutrients to process the recall; you can take the following measures to meet those nutrients.

  1. In the soya flour, the plant hormone called phytostogene and vitamin B are in good quantities which is very useful for the brain.
  2. In the study of Lofborough University researchers explained that soya flour helps to prevent diseases like dementia
  3. According to researcher F Hodgwar, “In our study, we found that consuming soya flour is very beneficial for those who are associated with memory-related problems with increasing age. At the moment we have done this research on rats. It is beneficial to chew but how beneficial it is to use fluid as it is being studied. “
  4. Soak 10 almonds in water. Grate the peel in the morning and make a paste and grind almond paste in a glass of hot milk and add 3 spoons of honey to it. Drink milk when it is hot. Do not eat for two hours after drinking this mixture.
  5. Brahmi is the famous herb to enhance memory. Every day, one spoon helps to improve the juice and memory.
  6. Eating apples are also very beneficial for memory.
  7. Cut 10-12 leaves of a carrot and cabbage. Cut the green coriander over it and put it aside. Then chew and chew it by mixing rock salt, black pepper powder and lemon juice in it.
  8. Drink a glass of butter with food.

By Mental Exercise: –

Mental exercise is important for speeding up the mind. By the way, the brain keeps working all the time, but to develop the habit of keeping the mind in the complexity, mental analysis, brain practice, puzzle game solves.

  1. Try to connect one information to another and reflect on their depth. This technique is very helpful for the students.
  2. Play games like Sudoku and Chess
  3. Another great method is to make a point on the wall and keep watching it without blinking, repeat this experiment as soon as possible. With concentration, memory power will also increase.
  4. Yoga and meditation provide adequate oxygen and blood to the brain, which directly affects the memory and your memory, is faster. The brain remains active all the time. It gets relief only when you sleep.
  5. To relax your brain and get new energy, you should take a dip of 7-9 hours in a day. This will allow your brain to work more efficiently.

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