How to Remove Dark Spots from Face Within 2 Day

How to Remove Dark Spots from Face Within 2 Day

Blossomed face looks good and attractive to everyone. But when the scars and spots begin to appear on the face with white eyes, then it starts resembling eclipse. Due to long periods of sunlight, due to pollution, due to aging, due to changes in the hormones, facial skin becomes lifeless and stains appear on it. Due to these, your beauty gets stained.

Although there are many types of cosmetic treatment to get rid of this, but you can also enhance your beauty and know How to remove dark spots from face within 2 day.

  1. Lemon juice :- Lemon is the best bleaching agent that helps a lot in improving the face. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C in lemon, it acts as anti-oxidants and helps in bringing sunny to the skin by removing stains.
  2. Milk :- The lactic acid in milk helps a lot in removing stains.

Method – Before sleeping on the night, soak the waffle balls in the milk and place it in the spot on the spot. Leave all night alone. Wash with warm water the next morning

  1. Curd :- Yogurt is made of milk, hence it contains lactic acid which acts as a bleaching agent.

Method – Take yogurt in a bowl and add half a lemon juice and little curd and paste it. Put this paste on the stain. Wash with lukewarm water after drying.

We are taking knowledge about How to remove dark spots from face within 2 day.

  1. Orange – Like lemon, the juice of orange juice also has the properties of bleaching which helps to remove the stains.

Method – Take two large spoons of orange juice in a bowl and mix well with a pinch of turmeric in it. Apply this paste well on the face before sleeping at night and wash with warm water the next morning.

  1. Honey Apply honey only or paste it with anything else, it helps to bring out the dead cells of the skin and bring the sunny. At the same time, enzymes in honey also help a lot in making the skin soft and attractive. If your skin is sensitive then try it on the first hand and apply it on the face only.
  2. Onion juice – Like lemon juice, Onion juice also works as a panacea for panacea. It is a great medicine that protects against deadly diseases such as heart attack, cholesterol, blood pressure, and also works effectively on the winged nail-acne that is lying on our face. If the onion juice is mixed with honey, then all the stains can be removed from the spots. For this the onion juice is quite effective.
  3. Prepare a mixture of turmeric and lemon juice – turmeric with a spoon, a spoonful of honey and lemon juice. Then put this coating on the face and leave it for 1 hour. Then wash the face with cold water after one hour. This will show significant effect on nail-acne and stains.
  4. Cucumber and lemon juice – Using cucumber, the skin keeps healthy and healthy. In most cosmetics, the role of cucumbers in some form has been considered important. Mix coconut and lemon juice with coriander and apply it on the face for 5 to 10 minutes. This helps in reducing scarring.
  5. Mix banana and cucumber – freshly made and mix it with cucumber juice and make a smooth paste. Then mix both materials well. Now apply this paste to all sides on the face. It protects from dry skin. The banana in the pack maintains moisture in the skin and cleans the black stains with the face on the face.
  6. Sandalwood and rose water – Mix 3-4 drops of raw milk, honey and rose water in a spoonful of sandalwood powder and prepare the paste. Now keep this pack in the face for 10 minutes. Wash the face after 10 minutes. Honey and sandalwood are natural moisturizers for skin and rose water provides new color to the skin. This face pack is best for dry skin treatment in winter.

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