Tips for Improving Your Exercise Regime When on Ketogenic Diet

Tips for Improving Your Exercise Regime When on Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a good way of ensuring you have optimal health and you feel good every day. However, if you are a beginner or a die-hard of the keto diet, you might be asking yourself how the keto diet and exercises mix. Even though you are following the keto diet, the good news is that you can still exercise. Let’s look at some of the tips which you can use to improve your workout regime when observing the keto diet.

8 Tips to Help You Improve Exercises When On a Keto Diet

Drinks Lots of Water

When you follow a ketogenic diet for women, your insulin levels tend to lower due to low carb intake. Low insulin levels make the kidneys to eradicate more sodium and water. If you are exercising and not drinking enough water, you might end up being dehydrated.

To improve your performance when exercising you can be drinking a glass of water in the morning and lemon juice during the day. You should consume water which is equivalent to half your body weight during the day. For example, if you weigh 180lbs, you should drink about 90 ounces of water per day. If you usually work out a lot during the day, you should drink more water since you will sweat a lot.

Drinks Lots of Water

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Set Realistic Goals

One mistake which many people make when on a ketogenic diet for women is going into hard training immediately. When you do that you will not improve your workout regime, if you want to get your exercise right, you will have to eat the right amount of food and eat enough fats to give you the energy you need to exercise. When you set realistic training goals, you will be able to improve on your performance and also you will not run low on fuel.

Eat More Carbs

If you want to boost your performance, you should eat more crabs. The more you continue to exercise the more you should increase your intake of carbs. However, you will have to carefully evaluate your consumption of carbs for you to remain in ketosis. Also, you should try not to increase the intake of net carbs during the early stages of the keto diet.

You should also time your blood glucose carefully if you are going to improve it by taking lots of carbs. Naturally, your digestive systems begin to increase your blood sugar after thirty minutes. If you want to test your blood sugar level, you can use a   blood glucose meter.

Consume Enough Fats and Proteins

Fat is fuel, and you need lots of fuel for you to work out well. Eating a lot of healthy fats is a good way of ensuring that your body gets enough energy and your body stays focused during the workouts. Also, you need proteins to aid in muscle recovery and repair.

Proteins will also help in supporting your immune function. You can also snack on mini fat bombs during your workout sessions. Mini fat bombs are a good source of healthy fats, and they will also give you the required energy before heading out to the gym.

Use Electrolytes

When your insulin levels are low, you will tend to lose a lot of water and electrolytes. Replenishing these electrolytes is crucial for your body especially when working out. When you have enough electrolytes in your body, you will prevent things like headaches, fatigue, brain fog, and muscle cramps. You will also get enough energy for you to maximize your physical and mental performance. To incorporate electrolytes, you can add sea salt to your bottle of water. Avoid using table salt as it does not have many beneficial nutrients.

Listen to What Your Body Tells You

If you want to use the keto diet while doing high-intensity workouts, you should consider using the TDK diet. The TDK is specially designed to take care of the carbs which you need while working out. The best thing which you should do in this diet is to consume 15-30 grams of fruits thirty minutes before you start your exercises and to eat the same fruits 30 minutes after you finish your workouts.

The TDK diet allows your muscles to recover quickly after workouts and ensures that your muscles receive the right amount of glycogen for fuel. The TDK diet also makes sure that you remain in ketosis even working out.

Perform the Right Exercises

Once you are sure that your body is in ketosis, you should choose the right physical exercises. The right exercise plays a significant role in enhancing your performance. All workouts have different nutritional needs. Workouts are usually categorized into 4 types namely stability, flexibility, anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

Remember that during low-intensity exercise your body uses fat as fuel. However, during high-intensity workouts, your body tends to use carbs as its primary source of energy. That is the reason why high-intensity exercises like aerobics tend to be more difficult as you start the ketogenic diet.

Perform the Right Exercises

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Eat Enough Food

If you want to improve your exercise regime when on a ketogenic diet for women, you need to ensure that you eat enough well-balanced food. Ketogenic diets usually suppress appetite, and a person can think that they are full when they are not.

You need to know how your body works and its needs before undertaking any exercise. This means that you need to eat enough food and most importantly pay close attention to the quality of food which you eat. Also, ensure that you are maintaining the state of ketosis because it is paramount if you want to improve your workout regime.

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Most people think that adhering to a keto diet and following a good exercise regime is close to impossible. You should also remember that it can be challenging to exercise well during the first weeks if you are using the keto diet for women. However, the above tips can help you to achieve that and improve your exercise regime.

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